TEAC Load Cell site


Q1 I want to investigate the failure of the load cell.

Use the static strain mode to measure the amount of strain in the no-load condition.If the amount of strain seems to be changing significantly compared to the value at the time of purchase, there is a possibility of being broken.

※It can be confirmed by the static distortion display function of TD-700T, TD-01 Portable.

Q2 Please tell me the color of the load cell wiring.

The color of wiring varies depending on the manufacturer.The color of TEAC's wiring is as follows.

*TEDS compatible products
Red RedEXC(+)
Black BlackSIG(-)
Blue BlueEXC(-)
White WhiteSIG(+)
Orange OrangeSENS/TEDS (+) *
Green GreenSENS/GND(COM) *
Yellow YellowSHIELD

Q3 What is the output signal from the amplifier?(TD-700T)

TD-700T has D / A output (voltage: maximum 0 V to 10 V or current: 4 mA to 20 mA) function.

TD-01P can achieve analog output that corresponds to the unit indicator value as voltage output within ±2V.

Q4 What is the conversion speed of D/A output?(TD-700T/TD-01P)

4000 times / sec high-speed processing .(TD-700T)

1000 times / sec high-speed processing .(TD-01P)

Q5 What is Static strain display?(TD-700T/TD-01P)

Allows the measure static strain. This function makes it easier to check load cells for deterioration and plastic deformation.

Q6 I want to see a sample of Calibration Certificate with Test Report and Traceability Chart for a load cell.

Calibration Certificate for Loadcell