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What's EtherNet/IP™?


EtherNet/IP™ (Ethernet Industrial Protocol) is an industrial real-time Ethernet based on TCP/IP and UDP/IP and is widely used in the United States. It replaces the fieldbus CC-Link that is also used in the TD-700T.

EtherNet/IP™ is an open, global industrial Ethernet that runs the communication protocol for CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) control in an application layer on standard Ethernet.

The general communication specifications are the same as standard Ethernet, but the use of CIP enables seamless communication between different networks (DeviceNet, CompoNet, etc.). It also enables multi-vendor interoperability.

It is possible to improve operating rates, improve quality, and reduce TOC, and so on, because it can communicate large amounts of control and monitoring data from the field at high speed and over a wide area. (*Cited from ODVA TAG Japan)

※EtherNet/IP is a trademark of ODVA, Inc.
Licensed Vendor Record(TD-9000T(E/IP), TD-SC1(E/IP))
Product : TD-9000T(E/IP), TD-SC1(E/IP)

EtherNet/IP™ compatible model

TD-9000T(E/IP), TD-SC1(E/IP) realizes the introduction to production sites with low cost and reduced lead time because it can be connected directly to PLC.
※EtherNet/IP™ compatible is optional at the time of shipment from the factory

Transmission type 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX
Transmission speed 10 / 100Mbps
Communication distance 100 m or less between nodes
Transmission cable Category 5/5e STP cable
Topology Star, line, tree
Maximum number of connected units No limit


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