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TC-FSRSP(T)☐☐N-G3 End of sale (100N)

※Successor Model Name TC-FSRSP2(T)100N-G3


By replacing the load buttons (Flat/Curved), an ideal load can be applied to the object.
Instead of the load buttons, an adapter that you have prepared can be also installed to place loads by the use of the tap hole (M2 depth 2mm).

※Since the load direction is restricted, we recommend that you read the instructions for use and consult with us about the adapter to be installed.

Made in Japan

Compact, Screw mount




Model Unit Rated Capacity (R.C.)
TC-FSRSP(T)☐☐N-G3 N 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10 20 50 100 200 500  
kN 1 2 3 5 10 20 30 50 100 200 300 500 1000
Rated Capacity (R.C.) Natural Frequency Weight (g)
10N 1.9kHz 15g
20N 2.7kHz
50N 4.9kHz
Model TC-FSRSP(T)☐☐N-G3
Safe Overload Rating 120%R.C.
Rated Output (R.O.) 1mV/V±50%
Linearity 1%R.O.
Hysteresis 1%R.O.
Repeatability 0.5%R.O.
Safe Excitation Voltage 5V
Input Terminal Resistance 470Ω±30Ω
Output Terminal Resistance 470Ω±30Ω
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ or more (DC50V)
Compensated Temperature Range 5℃ - 40℃
Permissible Temperature Range 0℃ - 50℃
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance 2%R.O./10℃
Temperature Effect on Output 1%R.C./10℃
Cable φ3mm 6-core robot cable 3m direct connection with bare lead wires
Mounting M2.6 tap on bottom
Body material Alminium
Environmental compliance RoHS 10
Accessory Load button (Flat/Curved)

Outline Dimensions

TC-FSRSP(T)☐☐N-G3 Outline Dimensions


Catalogue / English PDF
Instruction for use / English PDF