TEAC Load Cell site
24-bit/1kHz A/D conversion, Portable Digital Indicator TD-01 Portable

Error message list

Message Explanation
LOAD ADC ADC plus over
− LOAD ADC ADC minus over
FULL Display plus over (greater than maximum display value)
− FULL Display minus over (less than minimum display value)
OVER FULL Input is exceeding maximum input range (5.2 mV/V)
− OVER FULL Input is less than minimum input range (−5.2 mV/V)
ZERO OVER Zero balancing range exceeds regulated values
ZERO ERROR Zero-adjusting failed within specified time
OUTPUT CAL OVER Sensor output exceeds calibration range
OUTPUT CAL SHORT Sensor output does not achieve calibration range
MINUS INPUT Sensor input is negative
TEDS READ ERROR A valid TEDS sensor is not connected
PARAMETER ERROR Irregular setting value exists
R.O.SET OVER Rated output exceeds the set range (greater than 5.0 mV/V)
R.O.SET SHORT Rated output below the set range (less than 0.3 mV/V)
ZEROLIMIT OVER Digital Zero Limit exceeded
ERROR An error has occurred
DA OVER DA output is outside output range
DA - OVER DA output is outside output range
SYSTEM ERROR A system error has occurred
INVALID OPERATION Operation is invalid
MEMORY FULL Memory for saving data is full. Delete data or enable overwriting using "System settings 2"
Zero Balancing Please wait a while
Executing Digital Zero Please wait a while
Reading TEDS data Please wait a while
WRITING DATA Do not operate the unit until writing completes.