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DIN 96 Size Digital Indicator TD-260T

The TD-260T is an instrumentation digital indicator, supporting 5-digit digital display (reading scale -19999 +99999), comparison functions, and a variety of hold functions. Also, it's compatible with TEDS standard. CE TD-260T DIN 96 Size Digital Indicator TD-260T


  • Directly readable, 5-digit digital display (reading scale -19999 +99999)
  • Easy sensitivity calibration facilitated by TEDS* support. Auto-calibration using TEDS transducer connection
    *TEDS: Transducer Electronic Data Sheet
  • Remote sensing function, ensuring measurement accuracy even with the use of long cables
  • Equivalent input calibration. No actual load required for sensitivity adjustment
  • Static strain measurement supported, allowing easy identification of a defect on a load cell caused by its plastic deformation
  • Comparison functions supported, including for High-High and Low-Low limits as well as High and Low limits
  • Different types of hold functions available: peak hold, bottom hold, peak-to-peak hold, and block setting for each hold
  • 1/4 DIN (96x96mm) size design for installation in testing and manufacturing equipment
  • Analog voltage output supported. D/A option available for producing an output that corresponds to the TD-260T's reading
  • RoHS compliant